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  • Please note that all starters are medium strength unless otherwise stated

    Non Veg Tandoori Starters

    Each tandoori starter is marinated in spices 24hrs prior to being cooked in the tandoori clay oven.

    Mixed Grill Platter For two £12.95
    (chicken tikka, jeera chicken tikka, seekh kebab and chana chaat)

    Tandoori Mixed Platter £5.45
    (chicken, lamb tikka and jeera chicken)

    Tandoori King Prawns £7.45

    Jeera Chicken £5.25
    (laced with garlic and coriander)

    Seekh Kebab £5.25

    Punjabi Lamb Grilled £5.25
    (succulent pieces of lamb chops)

    Salmon Tikka £6.95
    (marinated in medium spices then cooked in tandoori clay oven)

    Non-Vegetarian Starters

    Combo Mixed Platter For two £11.95
    (a platter of chicken, vegetable pakora, mushroom chaat & chicken wings)

    Mr Singh’s Chicken £5.45
    (batter coated then cooked in a tangy sauce with fresh ginger and garlic)

    Chilli Chicken £5.25
    (chicken with green chilli, green pepper and onions. Hot)

    Chicken Puri £5.25
    (soft bread topped with sweet and sour chicken)

    Kolapur Chicken £5.45
    (cooked in a sweet and spicy tangy sauce with garnished of spring onions)

    Honey Chicken £5.45
    (chicken is shallow fried then smothered in a sweet mango and honey sauce)

    Garlic and Green Chilli Wings £5.45
    (Indian version of peri peri chicken, slightly hot cooked in clay oven)

    Mixed Pakora £5.25
    (consists of chicken, mushroom and vegetable)

    Chicken Pakora £5.25
    (coated in a medium batter)

    Spicy Chicken Dosa (Hot) £5.25
    (south Indian lentil pancake served with sambar daal)

    Seafood Starters

    Seafood Mixed Platter £13.95
    (a platter of Tandoori king prawns, fish pakora, Prawn poori & breaded scampi)

    Kolapur King Prawns £7.45
    (cooked in a sweet and spicy tangy sauce with garnished of spring onions)

    Fish Pakora £5.45
    (pan fried in medium batter)

    Prawn Puri (Sweet) £5.25
    (deep fried festive bread)

    King Prawn Pakora £7.45
    (coated in a medium batter)

    Vegetarian Starters

    Mixed Vegetable Combo Platter For two £10.95
    (platter of vegetable pakora, vegetable samosa, mushroom chaat and vegetarian spring roll)

    Vegetable Dosa £4.95
    (south Indian lentil pancake served with daal)

    Kolapur Paneer £5.45
    (cooked in a sweet and spicy tangy sauce with garnished of spring onions)

    Paneer Tikka £5.45
    (marinated with medium spices then grilled)

    Punjabi Chana Puri £4.95
    (chick peas on soft bread)

    Vegetable Pakora £4.95
    (pan fried mixed vegetables in Batter)

    Onion Bhaji    £4.95

    Mushroom Pakora    £4.95

    Western Starters

    Garlic Mushrooms £4.95
    (mushrooms smothered in a garlic cream sauce)

    Prawn Cocktail    £4.95

    Soups (various)    £3.95

  • These specialities are generally for the milder palate prepared with our unique blend of ingredients,
    each mild dish represents a different region/era of India

    Special KORMA
    A modern day Korma created by our award winning Chefs. Mild spices are blended with cream.
    Then enlaced with a choice of liquor. Baileys Cream, Malibu or Cointreau.
    (additional £2.50)

    By far the most popular korma cooked with coconut milk freshly pureed tomatoes and fresh cream.

    A mild dish cooked with pureed plum tomatoes, fresh cream, ground cashew nuts, yogurt,
    sun dried fruits topped with flaked almonds and pistachio nuts

    Prepared with fruit, either bananas, mango or diced pineapple, yogurt, fresh cream,
    a touch of coconut and saffron milk, topped with flaked almonds.

    A slowly cooked sauce using yogurt, ground cashew nuts, fresh cream
    to create a richly textured mild sauce, topped with flaked almonds.

    A special dish from the mogul era of India. It is a mild dish cooked with Ground cashew nuts,
    yogurt, fresh cream, sun-dried fruits and topped with flaked almonds and crushed pistachios

    A light smooth creamy sauce with a delicate twist of sweet and sour
    Cooked with mild spices and lemon for those with a delicate palate

    All the above are available in:
    Chicken Breast £9.45
    Chicken Tikka £9.95
    Lamb £9.45
    King Prawn £14.95
    Prawn £8.95
    Vegetable £8.45
    Vegetable Quorn £8.95

    A mild dish cooked with fresh, sliced peppers, onions, mushrooms and mixed vegetables varying
    from day to day, topped with flaked almonds
    Chicken Tikka £9.95
    Lamb £9.45
    King Prawn £14.95
    Prawn £8.95

    Tender pieces of chicken, lamb or king prawns marinated in yoghurt, delicate herbs and spices,
    roasted in a tandoori clay oven then cooked in a mild spiced Masala sauce
    Chicken £9.95
    King Prawn £14.95
    Lamb £9.45
    Chicken & Prawn £10.45

    A subtle blend of spices, including fresh ginger, sliced onions, cashew nuts, pureed tomatoes,
    freshly ground herbs and spices. Served in a Karahi.
    Chicken Breast £9.45
    Lamb £9.45
    Prawn £8.95
    Chicken Tikka £9.95
    King Prawn £14.95
    Vegetable £8.45

  • By far the most popular strength of cuisine in modern day India. Here we use a different set of
    roasted spices for each individual dish to create a unique taste.

    Special Bhuna
    A modern day bhuna dish. Created by our executive chef Vishen Singh. Cooked with tomatoes,
    a blend of secret spices and then infused with Morgans Spiced Rum. A Truly unique flavoured dish
    Chicken Tikka £11.95
    King Prawn £15.95
    Lamb £11.95
    Chicken & Prawn £12.45

    A traditional dish from the Pink City of Jaipur, India .Diced Chicken or Lamb barbecued first In
    Special Jaipur! Spices, then cooked in a green pepper, onion and mushroom sauce.
    This dish can also be cooked with Pineapple £1.00 extra
    Chicken £9.95
    Lamb £9.95
    Prawn £8.95
    King Prawn £14.95
    Vegetable Quorn £8.95
    Chicken & Prawn £10.45

    A very popular dish cooked with green peppers, onions, tomatoes and medium spices.
    Traditionally eaten with Nan bread. A unique eating experience which tingles the taste buds.
    Chicken Breast £9.45
    Chicken Tikka £9.95
    Lamb £9.45
    Lamb & Spinach £9.95
    Chicken & Spinach £9.95
    Chicken & Prawn £9.95
    Prawn £8.95
    King Prawn £14.95
    Vegetable £8.45
    Vegetable Quorn £8.95

    Cooked in a Karahi (Indian wok) with a host of spices
    sautéed in a rich tarka base with Red capsicums and then flambéed with Port.
    Chicken Tikka £11.45
    Prawn £9.95
    Lamb £11.45
    King Prawn £15.95

    A Lucknow Maharajah banquet dish. Cooked with mushrooms, green peppers and onions on a sizzling platter.
    Then flambéed with a fine cognac to give a wonderful distinctive taste
    Chicken Tikka £11.45
    Lamb £11.45
    King Prawn £15.95
    Vegetable £9.95

    Mr Singh’s own creation, this is a traditional home-style Punjabi recipe, which is cooked using
    pureed plum tomatoes, spring onions, garam masala and fresh coriander.
    Chicken Breast £9.45
    Chicken Tikka £9.95
    Prawn £8.95
    Lamb £9.45
    King Prawn £14.95
    Vegetable £8.45

    Medium to slightly hot dish. Cooked using roasted garlic, tomatoes and sautéed mushrooms.
    Chicken Tikka £9.95
    Lamb £9.45
    Prawn £8.95
    King Prawn £14.95
    Vegetable £8.45
    Vegetable Quorn £8.95

    This is another favourite of Mr Singh. We have cooked this dish with
    Whole cashew nuts, red peppers, spring onions in a homemade chilli sauce.
    This is a medium to slightly hot dish.
    Chicken Tikka £9.95
    Lamb £9.45
    Prawn £8.95
    King Prawn £14.95
    Vegetable £8.45
    Vegetable Quorn £8.95

    All these Punjabi Karahi are prepared with our own recipes using only choice ingredients blended
    with ground Punjabi spices and sautéed in garlic butter with
    fresh ginger and cumin seeds.

    Karahi Mirch MasalaKarahi Zeera
    Karahi BhoonaKarahi Rogan Josh
    Karahi SaagKarahi Methi

    Vegetables £8.95
    Chicken Breast £9.95
    Chicken Tikka £10.45
    Lamb £10.45
    Prawns £9.45
    King Prawns £15.95

  • Indian food is synonymous with being hot. Here we have compiled dishes from all over
    India with variant strengths from the slightly hot Northern dishes to fiery hot South Indian Cuisine.
    Again extra green chillies can be added 40p extra.

    First barbecued over charcoal then cooked in a sauce with peppers, onions,
    chillies, fresh herbs and spices. Served in a cast iron Karahi, A slightly hot dish
    Chicken £9.95
    King Prawn £14.95
    Lamb £9.45

    A slightly hot dish. Cooked with spring onions, green chillies, green peppers and
    a tomato and Cashew nut puree.
    Chicken Tikka £9.95
    Lamb £9.45
    Prawn £8.95
    King Prawn £14.95
    Vegetable £8.45
    Vegetable Quorn £8.95

    A fiery hot dish with hot and sour undertones.
    cooked with wedge of lemon and our own secret recipe chilli sauce
    Chicken £9.95
    Lamb £9.45
    Mixed Vegetable £8.45
    Chicken Tikka £9.95
    King Prawn £14.95
    Vegetable Quorn £8.95

    First barbecued then cooked in a slightly hot bhuna sauce with fresh green chillies ,tomatoes, onions, herbs and spices.
    Chicken Breast £9.45
    Lamb £9.45
    Prawn £8.95
    Chicken Tikka £9.95
    King Prawn £14.95
    Vegetable Quorn £8.95

    This dish originates from the Indian Ocean island of Goa. Cooked with yogurt coconut,
    fresh green chillies, herbs and spices. Slightly hot.
    Chicken Tikka & Prawn £10.45
    Steamed Haddock £9.95
    Steamed Haddock with Prawn £10.45

    Cooked with freshly sliced garlic, fresh ground spices in a delicate masala sauce
    Chicken Tikka £9.95
    Lamb £9.45
    Prawn £8.95
    King Prawn £14.95
    Vegetable £8.45
    Vegetable Quorn £8.95

    A fiery hot curry cooked with a wedge of lemon, fresh green chillies, crisp red chilli, and coconut milk,
    herbs and spices. Not for the faint hearted!
    Chicken Tikka £9.95
    Lamb £9.45
    King Prawn £14.95
    Steamed Haddock £9.45

    Cooked in a strong garlic base with freshly peeled garlic, lemon zest, green chillies and strong spices.
    Chicken Tikka £9.95
    Lamb £9.45
    Prawn £8.95
    King Prawn £14.95
    Vegetable £8.45
    Vegetable Quorn £8.95

  • Old Favourites

    These classic listed dishes are available in either Chicken or Lamb at listed prices.
    Prawn (£2.00 extra) or King Prawn (£6.00) extra
    Curry (medium sauce) £8.45
    Bhuna (medium tomato based sauce) £8.45
    Dopiaza (medium sliced onion sauce) £8.45
    Patia (sweet & sour sauce) £8.45
    Dansac (medium lentil based sauce) £8.45
    Korma (mild creamy coconut sauce) £8.45
    Madras (hot and spicy chilli sauce) £8.45

    Vegetable Selection

    All dishes below are available as side dishes £4.95
    Mattar Paneer £7.95
    Aloo Gobi £7.45
    Shahi Paneer £7.95
    Vegetable Bhuna £7.45
    Saag Paneer £7.95
    Indian Vegetable £7.95
    Okra Bhaji £7.95
    Bombay Potato £7.45
    Saag Bhaji £7.95
    Aubergine and Potato £7.45
    Turka Daal £7.45
    Mushroom Bhaji £7.45
    Ghana Massala £7.45
    Quorn Bhuna £7.45

    Tandoori Cuisine

    These dishes are marinated in a plethora of medium spices, skewered and barbecued to perfection
    in the tandoori charcoal clay oven. Served with rice or nan bread medium curry Sauce and salad garnish.
    A sauce from the Cottage specialities e.g. Masala, chasni etc may be ordered instead for an additional 95p.
    Garlic Chicken Masander £11.95
    Salmon Tikka £15.95
    Chicken Tikka £11.95
    Lamb Tikka £11.95
    Tandoori King Prawn £14.95
    Punjabi Lamb Grill £14.95
    Tandoori Mixed Grill £14.95
    Seekh Kebab £11.95
    Garlic & Green Chilli Wings £11.95

    Biryani Dishes

    This dish is a famous mogul banquet dish often served with an array of fresh fruits. This dish is steam cooked with pilau
    rice and served with a medium curry sauce. Sauce can be cooked to your desired strength for additional 95p.
    Chicken Breast £9.95
    Chicken Tikka £10.45
    Lamb £10.45
    King Prawn £14.95
    Prawn £9.45
    Vegetable £8.95

    Western Cuisine

    All western dishes are served with french fries or jacket potato and salad garnish
    Sirloin Steak £15.95
    Deep fried Scampi £8.95
    Half Roast Chicken £8.95
    Chicken Maryland £8.95
    Chicken Salad £8.95
    Prawn Marie Salad £8.45
    Deep Fried Haddock £8.45
    Tuna Sweetcorn Salad £8.45
    Omelette (various) £8.45

  • Sundries

    Poppadoms £0.60
    Special Onion Salad £1.95
    Raita £1.95
    Mixed Pickle £0.95
    Spiced Onions £1.50
    Mango Chutney £1.20
    French Fries £2.45
    Spicy Fries £2.95

    Rice & Breads

    Please note we only serve the finest pilau rice which is cooked to perfection
    Pilau Rice £2.95
    Boiled Rice £2.75
    Mushroom Rice £3.45
    Peas Pilau Rice £3.45
    Vegetable Pilau Rice £3.45
    Egg Pilau Rice £3.45
    Mixed Pepper & Onion Pilau Rice £3.45
    Tandoori Chapatti £2.25
    Lemon and Cashewnut Pilau Rice £3.45
    Chili & Coconut Pilau £3.45
    Vegetable Kulcha £3.45
    Plain Nan £2.95
    Garlic Nan £3.45
    Peshwari Nan £3.45    
    Cheese & Onion Nan £3.45
    Keema Nan £3.45
    Cheese Nan £3.45
    Garlic & Coriander Nan £3.45
    Chicken Tikka & Cheese Nan £3.45
    Vegetable Nan £3.45
    Garlic & Green Chili Nan £3.45
    Cheese & Garlic Nan £3.45
    Chapatti £1.75
    Buttered Chapatti £1.95
    Paratha £3.45
    Garlic & Mushroom Paratha £3.45
    Garlic Paratha £3.45
    Vegetable Paratha £3.45